About Us

Terra Preta Farm FamilyThe Family
Juan, Shakera, Little Shake, Kanani and Andres are the family members working to make this a reality. Juan, father and farmer has a bachelor’s in Agronomy and a master’s degree in Plant and Soil Science. He’s worked in the past for conventional agriculture companies and has been exposed to the production practices used in this way of farming. After seeing how detrimental they are for the environment and for humans, his interest was sparked in producing more nutritious food free of toxic chemical products. Shakera, mother and nurse, manages the office, marketing and media, and care for vegetable transplants, and gives a hand on the farm. Little Shake, Kanani, and Andres help the farm by being the motivation to grow quality food. The farm creates a space where they can be in contact with nature and learn to appreciate the work that goes into producing quality food. This year they assisted in the seeding of transplants and later transplanting them in the soil.

Growing History
The family moved from Utah to the Rio Grande Valley seven years ago. During those years they have grown food in a small scale in different fields that they have borrowed from friends and nice people. Over the past five years the family has sold their produce at local farmers markets, to friends, and to an organic food distributor in Austin, Texas. In November 2011 they officially started their CSA.