Farming Practices


Applying Compost

Applying Compost

Terra Preta Farm sees the soil as the key of successful organic farming. The soil is a whole universe below us where amazing things happen that can’t be replicated in even the most complex laboratory. We believe that Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy People.

At Terra Preta Farm we work on bringing life back to our soils by  adding compost, cover crops mulch, compost teas, humates  and over 70 mineral nutrients to compensate what’s been lost throughout the years and to produce food not only free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers but nutritionally dense as well.


We don’t use any chemical pesticide in our farm to control pest instead we do crop rotations, use insect barriers, plant crops and flowers that attract beneficial insects, weed control and use of pest repellents such as garlic juice or an OMRI product. We believe that as our soils become replenished with nutrients again and plants grow healthier, pest attacks will be decreased.


We don’t use any herbicides at Terra Preta Farm, all the weeding is done by mechanical tillage, flame weeding or hand weeding (everyone’s invited to join the party).